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Community Speed Watch

Good morning Resident

Community speed watch has been completed on Wednesday 12th January 2022 at the following locations: -

At Ouston, Ouston Lane 50 vehicles passed, 41 were 30 mph or less, 8 were between 31 and 34 mph and 1 was over 35 mph.

At Perkinsville - Ouston Lane near Institute Terrace 50 Vehicles passed, 34 were 30 mph or less, 14 were between 31 and 34 mph and 2 were 0ver 35 mph so again we found no speeding issues here.

And finally….

Here is a reminder regarding frost and ice on a morning… Please don't leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running to defrost icy windows. Opportunist thieves love a frosty morning. Please ensure you clear all ice from your windscreen before setting off and you can see clearly.



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